Windows System32 Error Messages – Learn How To Fix These Errors

By | April 10, 2016

For anyone who owns a computer that has one of the Microsoft operating systems on it, there is a very good chance that your computer has gotten windows system32 error messages before. The reference to system32 basically means that this error has something to do directly with the system files of your computer.

Windows System32 Error Messages could be caused by a wide variety of different sources, but most of the time, these type of errors could be contributed to:

Sudden power outage

Bad hard drive

Infection of Spyware or Virus

Corrupt system or driver files

Let’s take a look at each of these instances and I’ll give some tips on what you can do to fix these windows system32 error messages.

Sudden Power Outage: Most home computer users do not have their computers prepared for a sudden power outage. At most, they may have their computer plugged into a power strip. Personally, I have a little APC battery backup unit that works wonderfully.

One of the hardest things on a computer and in particular a computer hard drive is a sudden loss of power causing the computer to instantly shut down. Now some computer techs might tell you that your hardware components are at high risk when a sudden loss of power occurs. My take is a bit different. In my years as a computer tech, I have come across very few instances where a sudden loss of power causes a hardware component to fail. However, I have seen instances where a power surge has caused damage to a computers power supply or motherboard.

When a computer shuts off instantly the biggest thing at risk is the data on your hard drive. Specifically your operating system files. There have been many times when I have had to work on a computer that is getting windows system32 error messages because the computer was shutdown unexpectedly.

When Hard Drives Begin To Fail, They Can Cause Windows System32 Error Messages

Bad Hard Drive: A failing hard drive can definitely be a cause for windows system32 error messages. It is a pretty rare occurrence to have a hard drive fail completely with no symptoms ever being shown. When this does happen, it is mostly cause by a failure of the actual hard drive hardware.

One of the most obvious symptoms of a hard drive that is going bad is if your computer all of a sudden seems tremendously slow. Let me be clear in stating that you will see a huge decrease in your computer’s speed. So it may take minutes rather than seconds to open a program or file, and your computer startup time will take much longer than normal as well.

The first thing I do when I encounter a computer that has these symptoms is to check the event logs on that particular computer and check the system log for Disk errors. If I see Disk errors, then I proceed to run more extensive diagnostics on the hard drive.

Infection of Spyware or Virus: With spyware and viruses becoming hard to detect and more powerful in nature, these programs are another source for windows system32 error messages. It seems that no matter how many layers of protection you have on your computer, this software still seems to find its way on to your computer. If your computer becomes infected with one of these programs, there could easily be files that would be either deleted or corrupted that would cause system32 errors.

In a lot of cases, unless you are an experienced computer professional, the best way to rid yourself of these problems is to do a complete rebuild on your computer. If this is the case then you have to worry about making sure all of your data is backed up and that all other important information is backed up.

In the end, spyware or viruses causing windows system32 error messages happens at a lower percentage than the other causes I am discussing here.

Malware Can Also Be The Cause Of Windows System32 Error Messages

Corrupt System or Driver Files: This is probably the biggest culprit for causing windows system32 error messages. A corrupt file could be the result of so many things, but in the end most corrupt files can be corrected by using some different techniques.

A system file could become corrupt as a result of a certain windows update that didn’t install properly, or maybe there are a few bad sectors on your hard drive that have caused that file to become corrupt. The same goes with a corrupt driver file. In most cases, a driver file becomes corrupt because of some other update that has been installed.

There are three main methods I would use at trying to correct windows system32 error messages being cause by a corrupt file.

First, you could always try running a Windows Repair on your computer. By running a windows repair, you are replacing all of the system files on your computer back to their original versions without actually losing any of your personal data.

Second, would be to run a check disk on your hard drive. If a file becomes corrupt due to a bad sector or two on your hard drive, you can run a check disk to correct these errors. Check disk is a very power tool that windows has built in. I have run this tool on hard drives that are inaccessible and after it is done running I could then access the file system on that hard drive.

In conclusion, there are two methods or techniques you should become familiar with and comfortable using. The first is running an operating system repair. This can be a lifesaver and can most certainly make it so that you don’t have to format your hard drive and start all over again. The second, is learn how to use the windows Check Disk utility. This can be access by right-clicking on your C: drive and access the Tools tab. This is a very power yet pretty safe utility that will fix any number of disk errors.

I hope these tips that I use to help fix my PC will help you in your quest to fix any windows system32 error messages you may be getting or will get in the future.

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