What is Different in Windows 10?

By | April 15, 2016


Windows 10 is a classic operating system that combines the best of Windows XP and Windows 7. It also takes on the best of Windows 8.

Intuitive Start Menu

You will benefit most from the definitive look of Windows 10 when it comes to the start menu. It makes users who have used prior versions of Windows operating systems to feel at home. The start button works just like for older versions and also makes use of Windows 8 tiles.

In addition, the tiles are adjustable and can easily be customized. The start menu is also able to relay personalized information. It is intuitive and provides search results as soon as you begin typing. It further locates information in the local machine and on the internet.

Uncluttered Screen for Better Multitasking

Windows 10 makes multi-tasking easy through eliminating the domination that apps had on the screen. It uses apps from the Windows Store and can run several virtual desktops. It is inviting to work with. Furthermore, the Windows Store has a number of useful applications and is useful to all users.


Microsoft’s Windows 10 combines the tiled look of Windows 8 and the classic desktop of earlier versions providing you the convenience of both. It is both functional and easy to use. It is easy to switch between the two interfaces while displaying information and program launch.

In addition, you can pin application or move them to the menu. It is the ideal OS for both touch and conventional desktop functions. It enhances the user experience, and makes use of similar apps on the computers as it does on the phone. Its functionality is also uniform across devices and environments.

Multiple desktops and task view

Just like Linux and Mac OS X, Windows 10 explores the use of multiple desktops. It makes it easy to add new desktops or remove them as you please. You can also have programs open in these desktop environments.

It further has a task view that spreads-out all your running applications and processes. It is therefore easy to shift from one active program to another. It even has a better command prompt.

Bottom Line

Windows 10 is focused on a heightened user experience. It is a welcoming layout and looks familiar for users of Windows XP and 7. It is also appealing to everyone from basic users to technology enthusiasts and others.

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