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By | April 10, 2016

Laptops are a great tool but almost everyone who uses one is always looking for a way to increase laptop speed. I would like to give you my take on why laptops may perform slow than a desktop computer and how you can go about making sure you are getting the most out of your laptop.

One thing I notice is that people often times want to get a laptop because of the ‘cool’ factor. They think it would be cool just to have a laptop. This next statement I am going to make is a bit bold, but I think it is always true. Only buy a laptop out of necessity. Buy a laptop because you are going to be traveling or if you need to be mobile in any way. I would always prefer a desktop computer over a laptop for a computer that is going to be stationary. Performance will always be better on the desktop computer.

How To Increase Laptop Speed Can Be A Complex Question To Answer

Laptops are often made and manufactured with one thought in mind and that is the size of the laptop. Because components inside laptops are made smaller, they are inferior to the components of a desktop computer. A good example is a laptop hard drive. Most laptops come with a hard drive that runs at 5400 RPMs. The new standard for a desktop hard drive is at least 10,000 RPMs. This proves my theory.

Now on to how to increase laptop speed. If you have a laptop and it does not have the maximum amount of RAM it will support, then I would recommend maxing it out. If you feel brave and have the budget, you may want to think about getting a faster hard drive for your laptop as well. Or, if your thinking of buying a laptop, I would recommend getting one with a 7400 RPM hard drive.

Increase Speed Of Laptop By Getting The Right Hardware Combination

A laptop should only have the programs installed that you absolutely need. So many times I see these high-end games being installed on laptops that are not made for them at all. If you want a laptop for gaming, then spec on out and pay the 2 or 3 thousand dollars you will need to spend in order to have a high end gaming laptop. In my opinion, this would be pointless in most situations. You could build a monster gaming desktop computer for much less.

To be quite blunt, you could go about tweaking all of your programs and your laptop settings, but it may not increase laptop speed too much in the end. In the end, I think laptop hardware has much more clout when it comes to the speed of a laptop. If you get one that doesn’t have the right combination of hardware then you are going to be on a constant up hill battle.

Be sure to do your homework when buying a laptop. See what others are saying about the laptop and if they have had to do anything to increase laptop speed on the model you may be looking at.

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