Speed Up My Computer – Methods Often Overlooked

By | April 10, 2016

Since this is my first real post with some of those ‘insider secrets’ on how to speed up my computer, I thought I would just try to keep it basic with a few simple yet very effective things you can do to really help make your computer faster.

I have learned over the past 15 years that it is often the simplest answers that are overlooked. The same goes for someone trying to find ways to speed up my computer. So do I have you thinking yet? What do you think the simplest thing you can do to speed up my computer is? Well, if you guessed rebooting your computer, then you are correct!

You Don’t Need To Pay A Professional To Speed Up My Computer

I’ll admit, I go months without rebooting my computer. However, I have gotten into the habit of rebooting once a week and because of this, I do see increases in performance. Rebooting your computer helps to speed up my computer because it allows the RAM (Random Access Memory) to be cleared and gives your programs a fresh start. RAM is where just about every program that runs on your computer sits while it is running. That is why RAM is a real key to the performance of your PC and the ability of your computer to multitask.

Increasing Your Computer’s RAM Will Speed Up My Computer

Another really simple way you can speed up my computer is by freeing up hard drive space. I am well aware that most new computers come with at a minimum of 300 gig hard drives, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be doing some file maintenance. I also know that if you buy a Dell or HP computer that they come with at least 20 programs on them that you will never use or even open. The first thing I would recommend you do is to just go into your Add/Remove programs and start removing all of those programs you never use. These programs not only take up space, but they might also have items that run in the background when your computer is started. Having this removed will definitely help speed up my computer.

Disk Defragmenter Will Help To Speed Up My Computer


Anytime you free or delete a bunch of files on your computer, I would recommend that you run the Windows Disk Defragmenter program. In my opinion, this tool is a bit over-rated when it comes to really helping speed up my computer, but it is a critical tool to use because it keeps your hard drive organized. You can access Disk Defragmenter by going to:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

You may want to run this utility right before you go to bed or right before you are going to be away from your computer for a while. It can sometimes take a while to run.

Although we are only scratching the surface in this article, I have given you a few basic things you can start doing right away that will really help to speed up my computer.

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