My Computer Starts Slow – How Do I Speed It Up

By | April 10, 2016

My computer starts slow. This has got to be one of the comments I hear most from computer users. It doesn’t matter if they are users in the business world or just home users. Having a computer that takes forever to startup is something that a lot of people tend to complain about.

Every time I ask someone who is having computer problems if they have rebooted, I feel like I have asked to just pull one of their teeth out. The reason for this is because windows takes forever to boot if it is not properly configured. This can be blamed on a number of things including the manufacturer you bought it of and the fact that you might install every program under the sun.

If My Computer Starts Up Slow, I Will Try Deleting Junk And Temporary Files


It seems like when you buy a computer from a popular manufacturer like HP, Dell or Sony that they like to load about 40 of their own program on the machine. Most of the time these programs are worthless and they just take up valuable computer resources. My point is, if you are thinking to yourself that my computer starts very slow that you might want to go in and uninstall any program you don’t recognize or that you know you don’t use.

Another thing that I do when my computer starts slow is that I optimize the programs that start when my computer boots up. This can be done my using the msconfig utility that is built into Windows. You can access this utility by going to Start > Run (or search with Vista and Windows 7) and type in msconfig. You will then need to go to the Startup tab and just uncheck everything you don’t want to start when your computer starts. I would recommend leaving things checked such as your anitivirus software, wireless connection software and any spyware/malware software you may have installed.

If My Computer Starts Very Slow, I May Run A Test To See If The Hard Drive Is Bad

In conclusion, if you hate the thought of rebooting your computer because it takes so long to start, then you may want to follow these tips. Uninstall any programs you don’t use and optimize the programs that start when your computer boots. These steps are exactly what I do when my computer starts slow.

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