Learn How To Speed Up My Computer For Free

By | April 10, 2016

I have been asked many times over the years, “I need to know how to speed up my computer for free. Can you help? There are many ways to speed up your computer without any actual cost. One great way to begin is by defragmenting your computer. Defragmenting your hard drive opens up a lot of space. Sometimes our computers save information and files in different areas of the drive, with gaps in between them. This method is not very efficient. When you defragment your hard drive, these files are moved next to each other. It is kind of like rearranging furniture to have more space. The disc defragmenter is found in the system tools menu, and this process may take time to complete.

There are other methods of how to make your computer faster for free. Your start up configuration can slow your computer down as well. These are the programs that start automatically when your computer boots up. By disabling certain programs on start up, you open up more processing speed. This will provide a smoother, faster computer. With windows Vista, in the start menu search for msconfig. With Windows 7 you will need to search for startup manager. After you locate the program you will be able to select which programs you want to disable on startup. You need only to keep necessary programs on startup. Anything that you don’t need to start when you boot can be disabled.

Learning How To Speed Up My Computer For Free Is An Ongoing Task

There are even some anti-virus and spyware protectors that are free to use. So when someone uses that famous line, “I need to know how to make my computer faster for free.” I tell them to use one of these programs. There are a few out there, and their coverage is pretty good. They may not be as great as software that you would have to pay for, but they are definitely better than no protection. Viruses take up space and use much needed processing speed. When a virus is in play it chokes your computer. This makes it hard to complete basic tasks as your computer becomes overrun by these digital diseases.

Learning How To Make My Computer Faster For Free Is Possible

So as far as how to make your computer faster for free, there are ways. One more way is to remove programs that you don’t use or need. In your control panel you can choose the add/remove programs feature. This will bring up a list of installed programs on your computer. You simply select an item that you don’t need, and then remove it. Do this with all of the programs that you don’t need. So for all who say, “I need to know how to speed up my computer for free.” There is a way.

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