Learn How To Increase My Computer Speed

By | April 10, 2016

Computers can become slow for a number of reasons and knowing how to increase my computer speed can be challenging. This is certainly highly annoying and can leave you asking the question, “How do I increase my computer speed?”

Contrary to popular belief, computers do not begin to slow down as they age. They remain at the same speed from the day they are bought to the day they are disposed of. The majority of issues are caused by software problems that interfere with the computer’s speed and not the age of the computer.

The following are a series of tips that will help to increase the speed of your computer and keep your machine running at an optimal pace:

How To Increase My Computer Speed Tip 1: Frequently Conduct Spyware Scans

It is possible for Adware and Spyware to come in contact with your computer daily. This is due to the fact that they are attached to anything from downloads or can arise simply by just browsing on the internet. This is one of the primary offenders when it comes to the decreased speed of the computer. Programs such as AVG Anti-Spyware and other alternatives are an excellent choice for preventing spyware on your computer.

How To Increase My Computer Speed Tip 2: Scan for Viruses


Numerous computers are slow simply because they lack even a rudimentary form of anti-virus software although a quality anti-virus program is certainly preferred and should be obtained if at all possible. These programs vary in price with NOD32 being one of the most beneficial although it can be quite pricey. If you are looking for a free option in order to increase the speed of your computer, programs like Avast can also be helpful.

How To Increase My Computer Speed Tip 3: Utilize a Defragmenter

By using a defragmenter on the hard drive, it is possible to see the results of the test quite rapidly. The option for defragmenting can be found in the Accessories section. From here, you click on System Tools. This will help to free the hard drive and, therefore, is an excellent answer to the question of “How to increase my computer speed?”

How To Increase My Computer Speed Tip 4: Delete Files or Folders that are Unwanted

Old folders and files are also able to slow down the speed of your computer. Therefore, if you are asking yourself “how to increase the speed of my computer?”, deleting these old documents can be very beneficial. Freeing space on the hard drive will certainly increase the computer’s speed. Purchasing a back up for the hard drive to place old files is also a good idea, particularly if you feel like you might need these files sometime in the future.

If you are looking for a solution to a slow computer, these steps have been shown to be highly effective in correcting the condition. Therefore, before spending money on a computer technician, try this out because they just might work!

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