Downloads To Make Your Computer Faster – How To Find Them

By | April 10, 2016

Finding downloads to make your computer faster can almost turn into a hobby. The internet is just filled with unique tools and utilities that can be used to help fix computer speed issues. However, where there is good there is bad. There are a lot of crap programs out there on the internet that provide nothing but false claims and some even just install viruses on your computer.

The real key to finding a safe and effective download to make your computer faster is to know a good website when you see one. Although I must say that sometimes this isn’t even enough. I recently was working with a client that actually spread a virus through their whole network because they downloaded a utility that ‘look reputable’.

Few Downloads Actually Work To Make Your Computer Faster

If there is a new download you wanted to test out, I would recommend not using it on your main computer or trying it out at your place of work. Be sure to Google the name of the utility and see what others are saying about it. The bottom line is, is that if you Google the name of the utility and nothing comes up then your best bet would be to just refrain from even trying it.

Two places I often look for good computer utilities is CNET and SnapFiles. Both of these websites are reputable and have been around for a long time. They offer both shareware and freeware. This means that some downloads are completely free while others will let you download and use with limited features.

I Am Constantly Looking For A New Download To Make My Computer Faster

Computers are bound to get slower over time, so you have to make sure you are putting in the effort to make a computer work faster. Having a good download to make my computer faster is a great thing to have.

One of the real problems I see with some of these downloads that claim they will speed up your PC by %150 is that a lot of them do more harm to your computers speed rather than good. A lot of these programs will start when your computer boots and they hog up a lot of your computer’s memory and CPU time. Don’t be fooled by these programs. It’s best to do some good homework on a program before downloading it or purchasing it.

In conclusion, I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Be very careful when your out surfing the net fordownloads to make your computer faster.

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